Secrets Select Membership

SECRETS SELECT is our LASER MEDSPA membership program giving you 30 minutes of treatment a month for $195.

What does it include?

  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Anti-Aging IPL Photofacial
  • Wrinkle Reduction for Face or Body*
  • Skin Tightening for Face or Body*
  • Dermaplane Pairing
  • Microdermabrasion Pairing
  • Peel Pairing

*These treatments require initial 6-8 treatments to be one week apart. Recommended maintenance is once per month and no less than once per quarter.

What can I expect to get done in 30 minutes?

You may customize your treatments and switch it up every month. Not sure what you want? Just book a consultation and your aesthetician will create a plan for you. Here are just a few examples.
-Photofacial & Laser Hair Removal of underarms or bikini
-Photofacial & Dermaplane
-Laser Hair Removal on lower legs or full back

These are just a few examples, it depends on the size of the area to be treated as well as the tolerance of the person being treated. 

What if I need to book more than 30 minutes of treatment time?
Just pay $195 for an extra 30 minutes (or $98 for 15 minutes) of laser time whenever you need to. Once you are a member, you are locked into this special pricing!

What if I miss a month of laser time?
We will allow you to bank your SECRETS SELECT credits to use at a later time. Credits will be terminated if membership is cancelled.

The cost and commitment:
Pay $195 per month for 12 months. Once you have met your 12-month commitment there is no cancellation fee.  If you choose to cancel before the 12 months is up, you will be charged a $250 cancellation fee.

Do you know someone who would love to try us out?
Every six months you may offer a friend to receive 30 minutes of treatment time for $195. If they become a SECRETS SELECT member, you’ll receive 15 extra minutes of treatment time!

Skin Rejuvenation
Turn back time with Venus Versa™ skin rejuvenation. This safe, quick, and comfortable treatment uses Intense Pulsed Light with SmartPulse™ technology to reduce visible signs of premature aging, including wrinkles, sun damage, and discoloration, without any downtime.

Hair Removal
Venus Versa™ is transforming hair removal by using Intense Pulsed Light with SmartPulse™ technology to safely reduce unwanted hair growth on the face and body. An advanced real-time cooling system keeps skin protected from the heat for a more comfortable treatment with no downtime.

DiamondPolar™ & OctiPolar™
Enjoy smoother, more youthful-looking skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles without surgery or downtime. This non-invasive, pain-free treatment is powered by Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields, making it safe for all skin tones.