Want Perfect Brows, Every Morning? Introducing Microblading.

They say your brows are the only things you can get in shape without working out. At Salon Secrets Spa, we just made that even easier.

We’re so thrilled to be adding microblading to our menu of outstanding salon and spa services. If you’re one of the countless women in the Chester County area who takes the time every morning to pencil-in your brows for definition and to fill-in any gaps, this treatment is perfect for you.

So What Is Microblading?

Microblading is the depositing of a semi-permanent pigment under the skin using a special tool and feather-light strokes to mimic the look of individual brow hairs. More simply put, it’s a tattoo-like procedure, but don’t be scared—there are no guns, the results are not permanent, and the discomfort is minimal.

The whole procedure takes about three hours—just a little longer than a full set of eyelash extensions. Your brow technician will go over your wants and needs in a consultation, and let you approve the color, shape and style before anything begins.  As you rest your head on a pillow, they will apply a numbing cream to the area and then proceed to craft the brows of your dreams using a sterilized, micro-fine blade tool.

There is no downtime, and just a bit of healing time, but we leave you with lots of information for after-care to make sure your brows turn out just as you wanted them. Your appointment includes a touch-up in about 4-6 weeks to complete the customization according to how the skin has healed.

But How Good Does It Really Look? 

See for yourselves…

Before Microblading     After Microblading

Source: Salon Secrets Spa 

The results of microblading are amazing. Even up-close, the untrained eye doesn’t notice the different between brow hairs and pigment strokes. You can go from sparse and spare to Angelina-arches, almost effortlessly. The pigment stays for 1-2 years, and fades out gracefully so you have time to decide how you want your next microblading shape. Because you will want it again.

Check out our microblading service page for all the details, or just go ahead and book your consultation today!

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