8 Simple Tips to Help Save Kennett Square Bees

Did you know Bees pollinate 1 out of 3 foods that we eat? That is makes up about 80 percent of the flowering crops. Bees are very important to our environment.   Bees are in danger.  Each year bee population has declined pretty rapidly.  If we lose bees, we could lose our insect pollenated plants as well.  Could you imagine loosing 80 percent of our crops?  These crops include apples, almonds, blueberries, cherries, avocado, and many more.  Add Honey in to that list.  Did you know honey is the only food that has every substance that is essential to sustain life? It has enzymes, vitamins, and water.  It also has an antibiotic that helps improve brain function. On top of potentially loosing our food crops, we then have to look at the fact that some animals feed us as well.   Those animals also eat our crops.  Loosing the bees would affect our entire circle of life. So what's next?  What can we do to help?  There are a few things that would help our bee population.
  • Buying organic soil, which will eliminate pesticides. Pesticides are bad for humans and even worse for bees.  You will in return have a vibrant chemical-free garden and a safe haven for the bees.  Here is a link to an option of organic soil http://organicmechanicsoil.com
  • Plants flowers that bees like. Be careful where you purchase flowers and/or seeds.  Some are already treated with harmful chemicals.
  • Buy local Organic foods from a farmer.  Have you visited the Kennett Square Farm Market?
  • Wait to pull weeds out of your yard.  Some wild flowers are essential to pollination.  For example dandelions are great for bees.  Let them live a little    longer than normal so the bees could benefit from them.
  • Build a bee habitat.
  • Buy local honey. Not only will you support the local bee population, but local honey can help you and your family with allergies.  Not to mention all the other benefits honey has already.
  • Keep a small water basin near your garden. Bees actually get thirsty from all their busy work.  A good idea for this is a bird feeder with some stones for the bees to land on.
  • Be the Bee's Voice! Spread the word.  Most people don't know how important Bee's are to our environment.  It's as simple as sharing this post on your Facebook Page!
PlantsToSaveBees Salon Secrets Spa is dedicated to helping save Kennett Square bees this Earth Month.  Stop into Salon Secrets Spa for more ideas on how to contribute to Earth Month.  These are all small steps you can take to help the bee population, which in return will help our environment! Author:  Jennifer Tavel, Hair Stylist at Salon Secrets Spa

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