Speak The Hair Color Language: A Glossary For Newbies

There's nothing more exciting than treating yourself to a hair appointment! Sometimes though, pinpointing what you want from your stylist can be a difficult task. Read on to see a list of popular hair color techniques and terms that we at Salon Secrets Spa in Kennett Square, PA have compiled to help you out at your next visit.


Balayage is a French term that refers to the way color is applied to the hair. It's a free-hand technique in which hair color is painted onto the hair to create a natural, sunkissed look with less noticeable regrowth. This color method is excellent if you want to add dimension and refresh your color without making a big commitment.


Bablylights are extremely fine highlights that resemble the hair color of a child. This subtle coloring technique aims to make hair brighter at the crown and bottom of the hair and are applied to the hair by using foils. This color method is ideal for anyone with fine hair who wants to do something less dramatic than balayage or ombré.

Money Piece

Money Pieces are the balayage highlights that frame your face. These hand-painted highlights are typically a few shades lighter than the rest of your hair and go from root to end to brighten your overall look.


Traditional highlights are a partial coloring technique in which sections of hair are woven and lightened from the root to the ends, leaving some natural hair in-between the colored strands. This method is applied to hair using foils and is usually a lighter color than your natural hair.


Lowlights can be applied free-hand, like balayage, or with foils like highlights. They are typically at least two shades darker than hair and make your natural hair look like highlights. Lowlights can also be paired with highlights to create a multi-dimensional look.

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