About Salon Secrets Spa

When we opened several decades ago, we knew we loved helping people look and feel their best. We’d experienced firsthand the powers of an excellent salon or spa service to make that happen. We were pretty sure we had something special.

But what we never could have known is the extent to which the people at Salon Secrets—our team and our guests alike—would begin to feel like our second family.

We’re a truly team-based salon. Of course that means we all genuinely enjoy spending our days together and helping each other out whenever possible—but we take it a step further. All of our service providers are fully certified in every service we offer, which means you can feel comfortable and confident seeing any and all of our team members for your beauty needs.

This cuts down on waitlist times and makes it easier to schedule your appointment. And even more importantly, it means that regardless of who performs your service, you’ll enjoy the process and love the result—which remains our first and most important goal.

Come on in to experience what we’re all about. We just know you’ll love it.